CPPS-Gate40 RedBox attaches Local Area Network (LAN) or conventional Ethernet equipment to zero-delay recovery time Redundant Ethernet networks. All this network switching operations are managed by hardware ensuring high data throughput and reliability. This Intelligent Gateway includes support for the latest IEEE1588-2008 versions and profiles involved in the Substation Automation Systems enabling, as an example, the interconnection of IEEE1588-aware PRP networks with HSR ones.


Key Features:

The “heart”‘ of the CPPS-Gate40 RedBox is a Xilinx Zynq device. This is the last generation of programmable System-on-Chip platforms. It embeds in the same device a double-core ARM-9 processor and a high-end FPGA section.

SoC-e IP cores provide on the FPGA section of the internal SoC chip flexible and powerful networking capabilities for both the Industrial and the IT Section. Trispeed Legacy Ethernet ports can be combined with high availability “Plug&Work” Ethernet ports based on HSR and PRP zero-delay recovery time redundancy protocols.

IEEE 1588 SoC-e technology for sub-microsecond synchronization integrated on CPPS-Gate40 RedBox offers an “out-of-the-box” for IEEE 1588 implementations. The device can work as Master of the network, Slave and Boundary Clock. Furthermore, all SoC-e switching implementations include Transparent Clock functionality ensuring high precision synchronization in different and complex implementations.

CPPS Gate40 Redbox Brochure

Cyber-security features:

  • Zynq7000 Secure Boot, which provides private key cryptography (AES/HMAC) and public key cryptography (RSA) allowing sensitive software to be encrypted and authenticated in a chain of trust.
  • IEEE 802.1X protocol, which provides an authentication mechanism to the devices wishing to attach to the network.
  • MACsec standard, which defines a security infrastructure to provide data confidentiality, data integrity and data origin authentication.

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