IO-Link Master IP Core

IO-Link is the first I/O technology for communicating with sensors and actuators to be adopted as an international standard (IEC 61131-9).

The IO-Link system offers smart connections with sensors/actuators. The key benefits are:

  • Seamless integration of devices in commonly used fieldbus and automation systems.
  • Standardized wiring for cables and connector
  • Consistent communication between sensors/ actuators and the controller
  • Consistent diagnostic information down to the sensor/actuator level
  • Dynamic change of sensor/actuator parameters


An IO-Link system consists of the following basic components:

  • IO-Link master
  • IO-Link device

The IO-Link master establishes the connection between the IO-Link devices and the automation system. An IO-Link device can be connected to each port (point-to-point communication). Hence, IO-Link is a point-to-point communication and not a Fieldbus.

IO-Link Master IP core

SoC-e IO-Link Master IP core provides one point-to-point communication link. It can be implemented on FPGA technology. Due the reduced silicon layout of this IP, it is feasible instantiating multiple instances of this IP in order to implement multi-master IO-Link devices supporting many IO smart sensors and actuators.

In addition, the combination of IO-Link Master with SoC-e Industrial Networking IPs is a low-risk solution to include added-value functionalities to CNC Machines, Robotics, PLCs, Intelligent  Gateways and RTU devices.

The reference design for IO-Link Master IP is based on SMARTzynq brick and IO-link PMOD.

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