NETbox is an all-in-one solution for developing FPGA based Industrial Networking Solutions. It includes Spartan-6 based NEToem pluggable module and NETcarrier board. This combination allows the implementation of custom routers, switches or end-equipments with powerful networking capabilities.

netbox_abierta_transBrochure for NETbox

Reliable Ethernet Standards, like HSR and PRP (IEC 61850, IEC 62439-3 C5-C4) can be implemented on hardware using SoCe HSR-PRP Switch IP core. IEEE 1588 PTPv2 capabilities can be added using SoCe IEEE 1588 IPs portfolio.

The Evaluation Design included in NETbox is a HSR/PRP Redundancy Box (RedBox) that facilitates the access to PRP Networks or HSR rings to any Ethernet capable equipment.

NETbox allows the implementation of any FPGA design developed using standard Xilinx EDA tools (ISE, XPS, Vivado, etc.). E.g. Microblaze based SoPC system combined with TCP/IP functionalities can be added using lwIP stack or Linux OS.

NETbox key features:

  • 4x Fast Ethernet connectors for NEToem phyters: They provide magnetics and RJ-45 connection to the 4 Ethernet links driven by the 4 phyters populated on NEToem
  • 2x Fast Ethernet connectors for on-board Ethernet switch: The connectors are linked to a LAN9303 switch in NETcarrier. NEToem is connected to the Ethernet switch through a MII interface
  • UART: RS-232 db9 connector and on-board TTL connector
  • JTAG/GPIO/CLOCKS on-board connectors
  • 2x PMOD connectors: Allow seamless attachment of Digilent PMOD modules like OLED graphic displays, GPS and Wiresless modules among others
  • 2x UART connectors. Two options available, a RS-232 DB9 connector on the back and on-board TTL connector
  • JTAG/GPIO/GPS CLOCK on-board connectors: There is a special output on the back panel to facilitate custom connections
  • 2x PMOD connectors: They allow seamless attachment of Digilent PMOD modules like OLED graphic displays, GPS and Wireless modules among others
  • OLED Graphic Display: It is a 128×32 pixel 0.9″ OLED display
  • EHIZtari PC Tool: SoCe Network analysis and testing tool with HSR/PRP graphic statistics, frames injection and real time testing capabilities
  • NEToem features: Detailed at NEToem module


 - NETbox block diagram -