CONTROLES S.A. delivers 60 Control Units that integrate SoC-e’s PRP and PTP solution.

In October, CONTROLES S.A. has won a UTE bidding process, delivering 60 Control Units (CU), model RTU194 and the corresponding boards for their assembly in the substations to UTE Transmission. With this supply, UTE Trasmission has already purchased 720 units.

CONTROLES S.A. is dedicated to design, manufacturing and sale of electronic products and software for the elevator industry, remote control of electrical power distribution networks and SCADA systems.

Regarding this Bay Controller, which is called RTU194, the most remarkable aspects are:

  • It has certifications at the hardware level, carried out at Kema (IEC 61850-3 standard).
  • It also has certifications at the software level. In 2015 it was certified according to IEC 61850 Ed1 and within a week the tests to certify Ed2 of the standard will be completed. In both cases Controles was working with DNV-GL.
  • The RTU194 contains our SMARToem modules in order to be used in networks with PRP and PTPv2.

About our SMARToem module

SMARToem is a pluggable module designed to enable easy integration of Ethernet Industrial Networks in equipment for Electric, Industrial and Aerospace sectors. This module allows the implementation of powerful networking capabilities into end-equipment like IEDs, relays, merging units or any other. Network frame processing can be performed by hardware using specific SoC-e IP cores.


SMARToem - Module

At SoCe we offer solutions for IEEE1588v2, HSR, PRP which can be directly implemented on our SMARToem module. The customer can request SMARToem pre-loaded with these configurations or use these modules to implement its own design.

We also have different System-on-Modules (SoMs) which can be delivered with a preloaded design of our IP Cores. You can see our different SoMs solutions in the following piece of news:  Talking about our SoMs solutions.