New 12x port MTSN Kit for advanced TSN testbeds and multiport switch developments

SoC-e launches the new 12x port MTSN kit to the market. This product satisfies the current demand for TSN switches and bridges that support a large number of ports and a rich set of TSN features. Typically, this product can be used by customers in process of evaluating deeply TSN capabilities running complex networks setups or developing their own TSN product based on SoC-e MTSN Switch IP core.

In addition to the demonstration software included in the Kit, a GUI Configuration tool is embedded in both boards.  Thanks to this GUI, the user can easily modify all the parameters related to the switching and TSN operation. Therefore, both subsystems are fully operational TSN switches that can be used as a stand-alone devices in the network.

The support for the standardized TSN configuration mechanisms (IEEE 802.1Qcc, NETCONF/YANG) is also included in the system. This means that these devices can be automatically configured statically or dynamically by the CNC agents supporting the standards.

The specific TSN protocols supported by current version of SoC-e MTSN Switch IP are summarized in MTSN Switch IP Web site.

For more information about this product, please visit 12x port MTSN kit Web Page.