SoC-e in the COMMUTE project

We have recently participated in the Hazitek grant programme! As SoC-e is a company fully committed to R&D, the Basque Government has recently awarded us a grant for the COMMUTE project: design and development of a high-performance, cybersecure, application-oriented and reconfigurable Ethernet communications platform.

Ethernet-based communications in the office environment (Information Technologies-IT) are widely known and mature. The global digitalization process that the Industrial, Energy, Transport and Aerospace sectors are undergoing is generating demand for Ethernet solutions for IT and operational communications in these critical environments.


As we develop technology and products based on Ethernet technology, we will focussing on the following technological solutions development and subsequent market launch.

State of the Art

The analysis of the technical-commercial state of the art indicates that there are no technological solutions available capable of:

  • Having real-time traffic, ensuring high availability and providing high bandwidth in order to be able to provide communication backbones in Digital factories or on railways with bandwidths greater than 1G.
  • Offer minimum “Grey channel” safety capabilities in order  to be accepted in applications requiring certification in the field of personnel and property safety.
  • Be capable of integrating cybersecurity mechanisms with the certifications that will be applied in these sectors.

Result of the Research

In response to those needs, and as a result of the research, we developed the following solution:

  • A multi-port Ethernet Switching IP Core (up to 32 ports) at L2 level. Having the ability to communicate traffic with real time requirements; ensuring microsecond level precision; ensuring high availability through redundancy.
  • A software capable of integrating all the management and configuration of the Switch, extending the functionality at L3 Router level.
  • Integrate the solution on a single FPGA-SoPC platform, offering a reconfigurable, scalable and customisable DUAL Switch/Router solution.
  • Thanks to the implementation of Synchronization mechanisims, the solution could also support the role of a Time Server, distributing PTP reference for the whole network.

FPGA solution