SoC-e in the CSW Spring 2022 (HiPEAC): Research on Automotive In-Vehicle Network SoC Technologies

HiPEAC is a European network of almost 2,000 world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives and students. It is a platform for research collaboration that promotes the transformation of research into new products or services among other goals.

Starting tomorrow (26th April) and until the 28th of April, HiPEAC will organize the Computing Systems Week in Tampere (Finland). On this occasion, SoC-e will be participating in the following keynote: Research on Automotive In-Vehicle Network SoC Technologies for Next-Generation Zonal Gateway Controllers.

The keynote will be presented tomorrow at 11:30 – 13:00 EEST Time (+1 hour compared to CEST time). SoC-e part will be presented at 12:10 – 12:35 EEST Time.

Automotive Network Research Trends & Technologies

This session will be presented in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH and Robert Bosch GmbH companies. Dr. Francesc Fons (Huawei) will start with a brief introduction to the thematic session, and will be followed by a session on Programmable Data Plane Technology for Automotive Zonal Gateway Controllers by Dr. Naresh Nayak (Bosch).

From SoC-e side, Dr. Mikel Rodríguez will be presenting Quality-of-Service in Next Generation Automotive Networks. In this presentation, he will be talking about the convergence towards protocols based on Ethernet in the automotive industry.

SoC-e Automotive Hipeac

In addition to this, as determinism and Quality-of-Service are also a common trend, SoC-e will discuss the adoption of TSN in this context. Thanks to the reconfigurable technology of FPGAs and SoCs, specific implementations can be made for each use case. We will be focusing on exploring the most relevant protocols which are part of the TSN automotive profile and the challenges that need to be faced in the next generation automotive networks.

Finally, a novel multi-port switch architecture for SoPC that provides up to 10G speed-rate support, a rich set of protocols, and TSN support will be presented.

HiPEAC Ethernet

Our colleague Mikel Rodriguez presenting Ethernet in the Automotive sector

More information about the different sessions of the CSW Spring 2022 is available at the following link.