NEW SoC-e SMARToem Module – May 2014

SoC-e presents a new FPGA based OEM module for Reliable Networks implementation. It supports up-to 6 copper or fibre Fast Ethernet ports. It can allocate different size Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAs, from LX45 to LX150, depending on the complexity of the design requested on the FPGA.


SoC-e offers out-of-the-box HSR/PRP IEEE 1588-aware designs for SMARToem module. These designs support Configuration-over-Ethernet (CoE) that allows full access to internal registers through the same Ethernet link that connects to the CPU and Dynamic Bitstream Configuration (DBC). DBC allows changing remotely the functionality of the FPGA in order to reduce the power consumption and the size of the requested FPGA. The FPGA bitstreams can be flashed remotely through CoE.

The schematics and the production files (gerbers) are opened to SoC-e customers purchasing a minimum number of licenses. This approach enables the customer producing the module by its own, or the directly purchasing to SoCe.

SMARToem & SMARTcarrier

Apart from custom designs, there are available out-of-the-box designs based on SoC-e products. 3 ports HSR/PRP IEEE 1588-aware, 4 port HSR/PRP IEEE 1588 + 1 port Fast Ethernet switch, 3 port RSTP switch, etc.

For more information, see SMARToem web page to see the available designs and SMARToem FAQS.