2021: See you next year! – SoCe

What a year we’ve had! It has certainly been a year to remember at SoC-e. The task of summarising in a few lines, no more and no less than 365 days of hard work, achievements and evolution, seems complicated.

A different year

Last year started with the COVID19, we were all scared and didn’t know what was going to happen. It hasn’t been solved yet, but it seems to be getting better.

On top of that, the silicon situation is getting worse this year! We have had to find new solutions for our customers as many part-numbers are almost unobtainable. Let’s also hope that this silicon solution will end soon.

Despite all these inconveniences, SoC-e continues growing, with new incorporations such as Denis Gómez, Iciar Pascua, Jon Inchausti and Fran Alonso, reinforcing the Testing, Warehouse and Hardware teams.

In addition, our colleague Mikel Rodríguez defended his Thesis “System-on-Programmable-Chip Architecture to Secure Real Time Traffic in the Smart Grid” obtaining the maximum score. The exam board highlighted that the contribution presented solves the challenge of protecting the most stringent real-time traffic present in Substation-Automation Systems. Furthermore, a flexible and optimised technology for wire-speed cryptography was presented and validated.

Also, another colleague, David Esteban, is working to obtain the CISCO CCNA certification. Good luck!

SoC-e 2021 Christmas

What about 2022?

Finally, we have to thank Caronte for his work on our website, helping us with SEO, a Marketing plan and the design of our website. We will have more changes on our website soon!

For the next year, we have some very, very interesting plans, such as a 10G TSN switch and new SpaceWire IP Cores such as the SpaceWire Router and improvements in the actual Node implementation.

Be patient, we will have these new implementations available in the coming months. And if you want to be the first to know more information, you know where we are.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!