A key driver for the fully digitization of the Smart Factory is an interoperable network infrastructure. Serial and Ethernet based Field-buses were the common technology for Industry 3.0, evolution focused on providing means for factory automation. Nowadays we are living a transition from the layered Automation Pyramid (ERP, MES, SCADA/PLC, I/O Field Components) to a monolithic Automation Pillar required to taking benefit from all unlocked and distributed data.

This Industry 4.0 Factory Backbone will be powered by advanced Ethernet. Evolved proprietary field-buses in combination with a standardized and interoperable solution for deterministic Ethernet, Time-Sensitive Networking, are the ongoing technologies to face this challenge.

SoC-e solutions for Industrial Automation

Since 2011, SoC-e is providing time-aware Ethernet technology to companies of the Industrial Sector that have embedded SoC-e IPs and modules on PLCs, motor drives, sensor acquisition and industrial networking equipment . Among other products, the following SoC-e products target the Industrial Sector:

Apart from IP Cores, we also develop Networking Modules or SoMs, specially developed for these kind of applications.