The SMARTzynq Brick provides a full working solution out of the box. It embeds Linux OS and the IPs and software needed to tun HSR/PRP, Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE 1588 networks. It is a complete solutions for custom switches in the field of HSR/PRP, Managed Ethernet 10/100/100TX-FX, Profinet, IEEE 1588v2 and TSN.

It is also a great option for evaluating SoC-e IP Cores, as it is just a plug&play solution that does not require any kind of integration work from the customer. The hardware can also be used later as a development platform, what allows to shorten the development phase.

SMARTzynq Brick consist on the following package:

  • SMARTzynq module
  • SMARTzynq carrier
  • SD Card with the Reference Design
  • Power Supply
  • USB B cable
  • Fiber/Copper SFP modules (optional)

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SMARTzynq Brick downloadable information:

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