SpaceWire protocol is a standard for high-speed links and networks for use on-board spacecraft, easing the interconnection of sensors, mass-memories, processing units and downlink telemetry sub-systems. It is a full-duplex, bidirectional, serial, point-to-point data link. It encodes data using two differential pairs in each direction. That is a total of eight signal wires, four in each direction.The SpaceWire RDDP may be applicable to many aerospace microelectronics devices like Spacecraft systems, Bus systems and Embedded microcontrollers. This evolution of this standard for  Spacecraft communication networks is coordinated by the European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with international space agencies including NASAJAXA, and RKA.

SpaceWire IP Core is a VHDL core that implements a complete, reliable and fast SpaceWire encoder-decoder with AXI management interface, synthesizable for FPGA and for reconfigurable SoC Devices.

This IP core can operate up to the packet level in point-to-point links, with no “destination address”. It is designed to conform to ECSS-E-ST-50-12C. SpaceWire IP supports two implementation modes, generic and fast, where the transmitter is designed to support bitrates up to 5 times the system clock frequency

SpaceWire IP is supported on the following Xilinx FPGA Families:

  • 7-Series (Zynq, Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex)
  • Ultrascale (Kintex, Virtex)
  • Ultrascale+ (Zynq MPSoC, Kintex, Virtex)
  • XQR Family (Space Grade FPGA’s): Virtex-5QV

SpaceWire IP is designed to be seamless integrated in your FPGA designs by taking advantage of the new Xilinx Vivado Tool, that allows to use the IP Cores in a graphical user interface and configure IP parameters in an easy way.

SpaceWire IP Core key features:

Data interfaces

  • Rx Bit-rate up to x4 of the system clock frequency
  • Tx Clock Frequency between 100MHz-625MHz
  • Separate Clock Domains

FIFO Configuration

  • Tx FIFO Depth fully configurable: From 64 bytes to 16384 bytes
  • Rx FIFO Depth fully configurable: From 64 bytes to 16384 bytes


  • AXI-Stream (Data)
  • AXI-4 Lite (Configuration & Management)


  • Up to 200Mbps Link Speed

SpaceWire IP Core can be supported in the SoC-e’s SMARTcia board, a platform designed to be used in space environment, meeting the requirements established by the current regulations.

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