The long-term supply, flexibility and integration capabilities of the modern FPGAs and Reconfigurable Platforms have set these devices as the preferred technology for the new embedded devices in Aerospace and Defense market. In the same way, Ethernet technology combined with the use of IEEE 1588 standard for sub-microsecond timing synchronization has simplified the integration and the interoperability among these systems.

Moreover, the latest innovations in this field, like the standard deterministic Ethernet (TSN) or the high-availability standardized protocols (HSR/PRP), are facilitating the engineering of the whole data flow: precise timestamped data acquisition, real-time traffic communication and seamless integration with Edge-computing and IT infrastructures.

Convergence on Ethernet

The A&D sector is living a convergence on Ethernet pushed by the demand for low latency, high-bandwidth and interoperability of Data Acquisition Units and COTS subsystems. Although GPS is tipically the used one, it is also great having the option of distributing timing over the same network used for data distribution.

In this context, SoC-e has developed technology for networking and synchronization that has faced these challenges.

ethernet on aerospaceManaged Ethernet Switch

1G/10G Managed Ethernet switch has been designed taking into account the requirements of the sector, low latency and no-frames lost even with all the ports working at full speed. It supports the management of synchronization frames, PTPv2, and redundancy modes like MSTP, DLR or MRP.

Multiport TSN Switch

Multiport TSN Switch (MTSN) IP Core provides a comprehensive solution for Time Sensitive Networking, the next generation Ethernet with support for real-time traffic. Our IP Core is a flexible HDL code ready to generate TSN end-point or bridge implementations. This IP Core is provided with a rich set of Generic parameters in order to obtain the best functionalities resources trade-off.

SoMs and Boards

In addition to the IP portfolio, SoC-e offers FPGA and SoC modules focused on applications for advanced networking. Under our brand Relyum, we can also provide added value end-equipment for high-availability and Deterministic Ethernet networking.

relyum 8x8