The long-term supply, flexibility and integration capabilities of the modern FPGAs and Reconfigurable Platforms have set these devices as the preferred technology for the new embedded devices in Aerospace and Defense market. In the same way, Ethernet technology combined with the use of IEEE 1588 standard for sub-microsecond timing synchronization has simplified the integration and the interoperability among these systems.

Moreover, the latest innovations in this field, like the standard deterministic Ethernet (TSN) or the high-availability standardized protocols (HSR/PRP), are facilitating the engineering of the whole data flow: precise timestamped data acquisition, real-time traffic communication and seamless integration with Edge-computing and IT infrastructures.

In addition, the design of these complete systems has been facilitated by the graphic design tool suites provided by the FPGA vendors. These tools in combination with configurable IP core portfolios allow seamless design of custom time-aware networking and data acquisition devices from a high-level point of view.

SoC-e IPs for synchronization and networking are field-proven technology widely used by the companies of these critical sectors to implement added-value equipment and embedded systems. Additionally, SoC-e has designed for the sector turn-key rugged equipment and boards focused on mission-critical applications. Among other solutions, the following SoC-e products target the sector: