SoC-e is a worldwide leading suppliers of Ethernet communication solutions based on FPGA technology. SoC-e is pioneer in developing a portfolio of IP cores that implement the leading-edge networking and synchronization technologies for critical systems.

This SoC-e technology has been applied in more than 100 projects worldwide and in very different applications like Electric, Industrial and Aerospace sectors.  However, the non-stoppable OT/IT integration demands more steps forward to use Ethernet as a single solution for teal-time and high-volume traffic. SoC-e is committed to support the latest innovation for its customers. As an example, SoC-e is providing since 2017 a comprehensive solution for inter operable Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and an ultra-low latency technology to secure the strict-real time traffic within Smart-Grid infrastructures.

We hope that you find SoC-e as your trustable partner to speed up the integration of cutting-edge technology in your products. The new challenges of Industrial and Aerospace sectors invite us to be pioneers once again and we will be glad to share this vision with you.

The SoC-e Team