The demand for higher bandwidth in the car is growing quickly. On one side, all the entertainment and connectivity elements, and on the other, all the control related electronics.

As a result, the automotive manufacturers are adding a plethora of computer-based systems that need interconnection. Ethernet, with the latest innovations, is the best candidate to face this challenge from the technical and economical point of view.

The car is a very heterogeneous system. From a high-level point of view, at least the following domains can be identified: Powertrain, Chassis, Driver Assistance and Safety, Human-Machine Interface and Body/Comfort. The connectivity requirements are very different, both from the end-to-end latency and from the bandwidth requirements. This variability demands means to ensure determinism and, at the same time, high data bandwidth.

In this sense, some of the enabling technologies are: AUTOSAR, Time Synchronization/Time Triggered Ethernet/Time-Sensitive Networking and AV Bridging.

System-on-Chip engineering S.L. , SoC-e, is pioneer developing a complete IP portfolio of solutions for Ethernet networking and synchronization. During last years has supported automotive customers with Ethernet focused custom projects while transferring out-the-box technology solutions. Among other solutions, SoC-e offers to the automotive sector the following products: