SoC-e Portable Tools is a group of software applications which adds an abstraction layer on top of the SoC-e Industrial Communications IP cores providing seamless management of HW/SW reconfigurable designs. The most important element of this software architecture is a service that runs in background and communicates with the SoC-e IP cores through the supported Management Interfaces: AXI-4-Lite, MDIO slave, CoE and Serial. The service can also interact with other HW or SW components (i.e: PTP SW). The background service has a modular design and can be accessed using CLI tools, Web interface or SNMP protocol.

SoC-e Portable Tools key features:

  • Industrial Communications IP cores configuration (user provides configuration field names).
  • Network Nodes table based on the information of the HSR/PRP supervision messages.
  • PTP software management.
  • System wide status information access.
  • Remote firmware updates.
  • System Management using Command Line tools.
  • System Management through a Web interface (HTTPS+JSON).
  • System Management using the SNMP protocol.

For more information, please contact us at: info@soc-e.com