AMD Tech Day: A Journey into Innovation

On June 7th , we had the pleasure of participating in the “AMD Tech Day”, a vibrant gathering orchestrated by Avnet Silica. As SOC-E representatives, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers, especially Belén, for curating an event that brought together nearly 200 electronics enthusiasts.

Unveiling Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Our spotlight was on Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), a technological marvel that transcends boundaries. In our conference, we peeled back the layers, revealing TSN’s inner workings and its impact across industries. Imagine a symphony of precision, where data flows seamlessly, synchronized to the beat of progress.

Industry Case Studies

We showcased three compelling use cases across critical industries:

  • New Generation Launchers: How TSN enhances communication in communication systems.
  • Space: TSN’s role in improving satellite communication networks.
  • Military Vetronics: TSN’s impact on military vehicle electronics.

 Industry Insights

These gatherings aren’t just about circuits and code; they’re about forging bonds. We shared ideas, swapped business cards, and laughed over coffee. The industry pulses with life when minds collide.


Amplifying TSN’s Anthem

As SOC-E, we’re not just pioneers; we’re conductors of change. TSN isn’t a buzzword; it’s our anthem. Join us as we compose the future, note by note, wire by wire.