Cybersecure Smart Factory Testbed demo at IIC Member Meeting in Heidelberg (Germany)

Next 21st of September, a live demo of some of the capabilities involved at IIC Security Testbed  will be shown at  Q3 Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) meeting that will be celebrated at IIC Member Meeting in Heidelberg (Germany).

This demo will be composed by two SoC-e Intelligent Gateways connected through a High Availability Fiber Optic Gigabit Ethernet ring and a Siemens PLC. This PLC gateway itself are provided with industrial sensors. The information is standardized and secured at the edge. The data are accessible through a RESTFUL API. The setup connects with a cloud were additional big data analysis to the security related event is performed.





The PLC and the Gateway include sensors, scenario widely adopted in modern Factories. The Gateway is in charge of pre-processing this sensors, normalizing the data , routing the heterogeneous protocols, synchronizing and sensing the cyber security related  events.

From the laptop it is feasible:

  • Accessing to information of the sensors. The Laptop browser is the client of the RESTFUL API accessing directly to the data server installed in the SMART GATEWAY.
  • Accessing to a Cybersecurity Dashboard running in the Cloud that is doing big data analytics with the information sent by the gateways in real time.

From the security point of view, there are protections from de device point of view (secure booting, encryption and authentication) , network (authentication and encryption) and system (Intrusion Detection System).

Xilinx  (M)SoC FPGA tasks:

  • Time-aware smart switching (High-availability, protocol conversions)
  • Deep packet inspection for traffic filtering (IEEE 802.1X)
  • IEEE1588 Synchronization
  • Sensor data pre-processing




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