Hardware Acceleration for Real-Time data processing in the Smart Grid: SoC-e & Xilinx Journal Article

Elektronik-informationen journal has published this September a powerful innovation developed by SoC-e over Xilinx Adaptable Adaptable Accelerator Card to accelerate the real-time processing in the context of the Smart Grid and Substation Automation System. This article is available in German language in SMT Journal printed Edition and in  Elektronik-informationen.de digital edition. The English version will be available soon.

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The digitization of the Grid is a continuous process, both for operational and user networks. Specifically, the Ethernet broadcasting of Current and Voltage values for control and protection applications is a reality on the newest Digital Power Substations.

Emerging applications like DER system coordination, Electric Transmission Lines continuous monitoring, and Power Quality assessment demand virtual technologies capable of processing in real-time a big amount of these streams.

This article presents an innovative solution to accelerate the computation of hundreds of SMV streams combining a silicon IP and a new generation FPGA based accelerator card. This solution uncovers the complexity of the SMV processing and offers a high-level interface for the application designers.