HSR/PRP switch IP Core presented at CIGRE 2012 International Exhibition – Paris (France) August 2012-

SoC-e has presented at CIGRE its powerful HSR/PRP switch IP Core. This IP implements the new Reliable Ethernet protocols approved in IEC 62439-3 (IEC 61850 for Electric Substations Automation). Thanks to SoC-e proprietary switching technology, this IP offers the extremely fast switching time between Ethernet redundant ports.

During CIGRE exhibition, a live set-up for HSR and PRP networks was set at UCA Booth. SoC-e technology was attached at both HSR and PRP networks. Only 6 companies worldwide were allowed to attach their equipments to HSR network (succeed at interoperability tests in June held in Winterthur (Switzerland) was mandatory), and SoC-e customers were included.

SoC-e is UCA Group Gold Member Sponsorship, so this allows its participation at the most prestigious International Exhibition in the Energy Sector (CIGRE) and in the next inter-operability test events between different companies schedules for the next months.

HSR/PRP switch IP Core Product Brochure is available in the 1588 Tiny page.

In CIGRE event, SoC-e also presented its new IP Core Catalog called “Providers of a Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions for Reliable Ethernet and Synchronization in the Energy Market “. All SoC-e solutions for Reliable Ethernet and IEEE 1588 based systems sycrhonization are summarized in this document.


SoC-e Catalog of Networking Solutions for the Energy Market