HSR/PRP Switch IP V2.0 supports Configuration-over-Ethernet (CoE) and Dynamic Bitstream Configuration (DBC) – December 2013 –

The new release of the Tri-Speed SoC-e HSR/PRP Switch IP supports full access to internal registers through the same Ethernet link that connects to the CPU. This Management Mode simplifies drastically the hardware infrastructure and saves resources. This link also can be used by any IEEE 1588 software stack to read the hardware timestamping units of the HSR/PRP Switch IP or to control the status of the RSTP ports.

This Management mode completes the list of configuration modes available: Serial, MDIO, AXI on-chip bus and CoE.

The new feature called Dynamic Bitstream Configuration (DBC) included in the IP allows changing remotely the functionality of the FPGA. For example, one bitstream can work in HSR/PRP mode and another one in Ethernet pass-through mode. SoC-e modules and NETbox support DBC and CoE.

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