IEC 61850 over 1Gig HSR redundant network tested in Bilbao, Spain – July 2014

On 15th and 16th July a pre-testing IEC 61850 interoperability event took place in Bilbao, Spain. The event was sponsored by UCA International Users Group ( and the IEC 61850 Users Group. It was hosted by the University of Basque Country and by System-on-Chip Engineering (SoC-e) company (

This technical event was a preparation for the IEC 61850 Interoperability Demonstration that UCAIug will be organizing at its 70 square meter booth at CIGRE exhibition in Paris 25-29 August. Nine companies have participated in the two day pre-testing, the participants included Siemens Ruggedcom, General Electric, Schneider Electric, ZIV, NR Electric, OMICRON, Flexibilis, System-on-Chip engineering (SoC-e) and Ingeteam Power Technology.

The scheduled test plan consisted of IEC 61850 GOOSE communications over redundant IEC 62439 network configured as HSR ring. All participants successfully demonstrated interoperability of their HSR products in a network running at 100Mbps. Additionally Siemens Ruggedcom, Flexibilis and SoC-e tested 1Gig HSR ring. Engineers from some of the participating companies took the advantage to run optional tests, initially not scheduled for demonstration at CIGRE, these tests consisted of P2P (peer-to-peer) mechanism of IEEE1588 time synchronization over HSR redundant network, all nodes in the PTP-aware network synchronized to the master clock with accuracy better than 500ns.

Photo from Bilbao event:

Group photo from Bilbao event:

The Bilbao pre-testing event is an important milestone to ensure successful IEC 61850 Interoperability Demonstration at the UCAIug booth at CIGRE in Paris, 25-29 August. This year there will be 21 participating companies in the UCAIug CIGRE booth. There will be 14 companies at Diamond level participating in the demo with their products and solutions, 4 companies at Gold level and 3 companies at Silver level. A brochure outlining the event is available here:

Author: Maciej Goraj (Siemens)