Industrial-Internet-Consortium Cybersecurity Testbed selects SoC-e Smart Technologies

The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC) announces its first security assessment-focused testbed: the Security Claims Evaluation Testbed. IIC member organizationsare collaborating on the project to provide an open and easily configurable cybersecurity platform for evaluation of endpoint, gateway, and other networked components’ security capabilities. Data sources can include industrial, automotive, medical and other related endpoints requested for secure operation analysis.


Key platform elements of the testbed include:

  • Intelligent Gateway from SoC-e
  • Real time analytics from Juxt
  • Secure runtime Java VM from Aicas
  • Private and Public Cloud secure communication from PrismTech
  • Intelligent endpoint monitoring system(s) from PFP Cybersecurity


The security testbed phased release approach provides a unique learning opportunity tSecurity-Claims-Testbed-Diagramo evaluate security vulnerabilities at a device level and system level prior to large scale deployment across many key applications driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Industry 4.0.


You can read more information about this testbed at IIC Security TestBed Webpage.

For more information about SoC-e Smart Gateway, visit CPPS-gate40 Web page.