NEToem is a pluggable module designed to enable easy integration of Reliable Ethernet Networks in equipments for Electric Power, Transportation, and Industrial Automation sectors.

This powerful module allows the implementation of custom routers, switches or end-equipments with powerful networking capabilities. Network frame processing can be performed by hardware using specific IPs and it can be combined with a Microblaze (soft-processor) based SoPC system. TCP/IP functionalities can be easily added using lwIP stack or Linux.

NEToem has been designed to host SoC-e HSR-PRP Switch IP core, however it can be used for other implementations in the FPGA designed by the customer. SoC-e provides Reference Designs for this purpose.

NEToem Brochure

SoC-e offers a carrier, a NETcarrier that can be used by the customers as a reference to design their own one or include a NEToem in their equipments.

NEToem key features:

  • Spartan-6 Xilinx FPGA: this family provides leading system integration capabilities. XC6SLX45 Industrial Grade device is mounted on the standard version.
  • 512 Mb LPDDR: fast SDRAM memory to store software applications, protocol stacks or large buffers.
  • 128 Mb Quad SPI Flash: memory for firmware and bitstream storage.
  • EEPROM with unique MAC integrated: this feature simplifies MAC management policy reducing the time-to-market of the customer product.
  • Size: 50x35mm.
  • Temperature Sensor: each module is provided with an I2C temperature sensor mounted on the PCB.
  • Led indicators: 1 Power up led, 1 FPGA done led and 2 General purpose LEDs.
  • 4x Ethernet Phyters: provide Fast Ethernet signals ready to be connected to Ethernet connectors provided with integrated transformers.
  • Generic GPIOs: up to 20 GPIOs ready to be used in the carrier and 19 additional GPIOs that can be used if the Ethernet Switch chip is not mounted in the carrier.
  • Additional MII Ethernet link: thought for the connection with an Ethernet Switch on the carrier or with a CPU.
  • Debug connector: easy accessible connector on the top of the module that accepts stand-alone powering, JTAG, I2C and SPI.
  • 3x High-reliability board-to-board connectors: attach NEToem module to the customer carrier. This rugged connection is enhanced with the two metallic triangles that covers the module from the top and ensures the best behavior in harsh environments.


- NEToem architecture -

Combine NEToem with NETcarrier

SoC-e portfolio is not limited to modules only. Complete solutions for plug-and-play are also provided in order to implement technologies such as HSR/PRP/PTP. The NETbox is what you need to have a full working solution out of the box.


- NETbox development kit -

NETbox consist on the following package:

  • NEToem
  • NETcarrier
  • Case
  • Power Supply

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