Relyum presents the most complete and flexible setup for implementing TSN

Time-Sensitive Networking is called to become network core technology in critical systems. Everybody already knows its benefits in terms of high-bandwidth and interoperability, as it’s based on Ethernet, and accepts that it’s the best candidate for combining critical and non-critical traffic in a single network. This leads to important savings in terms of wiring, without compromising the latency and jitter in the transmission of real-time traffic.

Relyum, SoCe‘s brand, has recently published a post where it explains their comprehensive testbed for TSN, in which it shows a very Complete, Flexible and Powerful solution for testing and validating Time-Sensitive Networking technology in sector like Industrial Automation, Automotive, Railway, Aerospace and Defence among others.

Please, check Relyum’s post in the followink link!

System-on-Chip engineering (SoCe) is a worldwide leading supplier of time-aware Ethernet networking solutions. SoCe is pioneer in developing a portfolio of IP cores and rugged platforms that implement these technologies for critical systems.

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