SDRlab Laboratory Equipment for Software-Defined Radio was presented at Wireless Innovation Forum in Brussels in June 2012

SDRlab is a Laboratory Equipment specifically designed for Software-Defined Raido Teams that need to develop SDR rugged equipments based on VPX, the de-facto standard for advanced Defense and Aerospace electronic equipments. SDRlab was presented at SoC-e booth (photo below) in the exhibition running a live-demo of GSM RF Link.

In this event, SoC-e presented also VPXlight, the rugged conduction-cool chassis for production and SDRtx, SDRrx and SDRproc boards. All of them are compatible with SDRlab. This set of products offers to Radio Business Logic developers an all-in-one solution, from laboratory to production.

SDR12-WInnCOMM Europe is the premier event to present and see the latest in Cognitive Radio (CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access technologies.

More information about SDRlab is available in the SoC-e rugged Info Web page.