SoC-e at the III Edition of Basque Industry 4.0

Yesterday, the Kursaal Auditorium in San Sebastian hosted the annual event Basque Industry 4.0. More than 2000 professionals  attended the event where recent experiences, trends and products in Industry were presented.


SoC-e technology and products in different stands, like SoC-e Totem that was sensing in real-time multiple variables form heterogeneous sources (Sensors, PLCs,), pre-processing them and serving the data to the 3D Plant Visualization tool from Semantic Systems.


In, Plethora stand, where a real section of a Smart and Connected Smart Factory was running,  SoC-e CPPS-Gate40 Gateways were powering the edge computation and connectivity in the system.





Additionally,  Mr. Astarloa, SoC-e CEO took part in the conference presenting some real use-cases of integration of smart networking, distributed computation and sensor fusion in Industrial Plants.

In summary, the intensive working day that we enjoyed yesterday highlights that the new Industry is a reality in the Basque Country and the whole eco-system is ready to provide really added-value solutions.