SoC-e Participated HSR/PRP Interoperability Testing in Winterthur in June 2012

Altogether 14 companies participated in IEC 62439-3 Ed. 2.0 (HSR and PRP) interoperability testing in Winterthur during June 4th-22th 2012. The companies were involved in a testing session where the main focus was interoperability of the different implementations of the new IEC 62439-3 Ethernet redundancy protocols. SoC-e tested its IPs using ad-hoc test equipment, and also SoC-e customers tested their equipments running SoC-e IPs. The photo shows SoC-e test equipment attached to HSR ring in Winterthur.

The success in these pre-testing activities enables SoC-e the presentation of its HSR/PRP solutions at CIGRE 2012 International Exhibition in August. Visit us at UCA booth!

More information is available in the SoC-e Industrial page and in the CIGRE 2012 Info Web page.