SoC-e presented at CIGRE a High-Availability Cyber-Physical-System for SmartGrids – August 2014

CIGRE_2SoC-e participated as exhibitor this last August in the prestigious CIGRE Exhibition 2014 in Paris, the reference event for the Electric Sector.

In a IEC 61850 Breaker Failure demo over an HSR ring hosted at UCA booth, SoC-e attached to SMARTbox Development Kits running low-latency HSR/PRP switch IP, IEEE1588 IP and embedded Bluetooth connectivity. This last link allowed the attachment to the High Availability IEC 61850 Network devices like Rugged Tables and Smartphones. In the show,it was possible to see the traffic and the status of the network in real-time using a rugged table.


Other novelties presented by SoC-e at the event were the new ZYNQoem module that includes multiple tri-speed ports in combination with Xilinx Zynq Extended SoC platform and memory resources. This high-end embedded solution is the perfect platform to implement SMART Network Devices with multiple HSR/PRP and Ethernet ports. One representative example of the targeted implementations is the 5 ports switch that SoC-e presented at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg.

During CIGRE 2014 event SoC-e was invited to present the results of the R&D work focused on new generation of SoC devices for IEC 61850. This new architectures include embedded network connectivity, DSP processing and IEC 61850 SMV and GOOSE messages acceleration. The following link gives access to the full presentation.