SoC-e takes part in the PILAR project

We have recently participated in the Hazitek and CDTI grant programme! The participation was through the PILAR project is the best way to accelerate the implementation of 4.0 solutions in the strategic sectors of the Basque Country to gain competitiveness. It aims to research and develop an interoperable, deterministic and distributed connectivity, computing and artificial intelligence solution for industry.

Hazitek SoC-e


PILAR addresses the development of solutions based on open standards to guarantee interoperability and communication between business information (IT) subsystems and physical devices (OT) involved in industrial companies. In addition, it helps to design and implement a reference model to exchange heterogeneous data efficiently.


Hardware/software nodes with real-time deterministic communication capacity will be developed that will constitute the networks of the future.

Artificial Intelligence

The project automates the development of models and controllers, as well as their deployment in the distributed computing infrastructure. It develops new smart applications and demonstrates its application to the automotive and metal industry.

In this project SoCe has focused on: 

  • Develop a Plug & Work electronic module with a suitable interface to integrate the experiments defined by the other partner companies of the project.

  • Research and develop a System on Chip hardware for communications in critical environments in real time and computing near the industrial process (Edge) that can execute AI algorithms.

  • Research and design new high-performance embedded computing and communications architectures that support the industry’s low latency and high availability requirements.

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hazitek SoC-e