SoC-e technology inside the first HSR<->TSN Gateway at EMO Hannover 2017

The EMO Hannover  is the most relevant fair for the Milling Machine Sector event. The next event will take place from 18th to 23rd September 2017 and for sure, Smart Factory and Industrie 4.0 topic will be widely active in the different booths.

Although Industry has adopted massively Ethernet based field-buses, the near future demands deterministic Ethernet and merging the Operational Technologies (OT) and the Information Technologies (IT) ones. Acronyms like IEEE 1588 PTP, TSN, HSR/PRP, and IRT involve high-end implementations and moving forward to new network topologies and concepts.

Two of these protocols, HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) and TSN (Time Sentive Networking) are focusing the attention of the Sector. The zero-second recovery time delay feature of HSR facilitates the implementation of Plug&Work Fiber Optic rings in the Smart Factories ,while TSN is gaining acceptance as de-facto standard as multi-sector Deterministic Ethernet.

However, the Industry is demanding comprehensive solutions to adopt progressively these new technologies. RELYUM, a SoC-e partner, presents at EMO Tradeshow the first equipment able to gateway Time-aware HSR ring with TSN Networks.

This RELYUM-RB-TSN equipment is located in Stand 60 HALL 25 merging the HSR ring of the Plethora IIoT Machine Learning live set-up with a TSN Section implemented with a CISCO I-4000 device upgraded to TSN.

The heart of this RELYUM-RB-TSN equipment is a reconfigurable SoC from Xilinx and SoC-e HSR/PRP Swich IP (HPS IP) and TSN Switch IP (TSN IP). In the demo, RELYUM-RB-TSN is also in charge of displaying in a HDMI screen the network and time synchronization activity in both networks.

If you are interested on receiving more information or a quote about TSN IP or HPS IP this product please fill the online forms available at TSN and HSR/PRP web sites or email us at: info@soc-e-com