SoC-e TSN technology embedded in third-party equipment

When SoC-e released its Multiport Time-Sensitive Networking MTSN IP and its associated kit (MTSN KIT)  one year ago, the commitment was providing a reliable, escalable and powerful  TSN solution for any kind of customer. Summarizing the results at 2018, the impact of this strategy is really positive. The MTSN kits have been delivered to customers in Europe, America and to Asia.


Additionally, SoC-e has licensed  MTSN IP for production to several customers. SPS-IPC Drives 2018 was a good reference as our technology was running in several third-party products like within the new Wago Controller or within new generation TSN PCIe Cards.

The following pictures show third-party equipment embedding SoC-e technology at IIC TSN Testbed hold at SPS-IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg: