SoC-e’s Managed Ethernet Switch now supports up-to 32 ports!

SoCe is continuously improving its products and introducing new improvements to adapt them to the needs of the market. This time we are proud to present the last evolution of one of our most demanded products, the ManagedEthernetSwitch (MES) IP Core.

Nowadays, all communications are converging to Ethernet. This technology is becoming standard in sectors where communication is critical, such as the automotive and aeronautics sectors. The market is demanding low latency Ethernet switches to interconnect all the devices of the network at high speed. For this reason, it is necessary that these Ethernet switches increase the number of ports without impacting performance.

SoCe has increased the number of ports on its ManagedEthernetSwitch (MES) IP Core from 16 to 32 ports. This change not only has no impact on the IP Core’s performance of the IP Core, but also the internal architecture has been improved. This new internal architecture optimizes the use of FPGA resources, improving the performance/resource usage ratio!

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