Succesful time at the 15th Annual GVSETS

Last week the 15th Annual Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) took place in Novi (Detroit area, Michigan). This year GVSETS has put the focus on partnering with industry, government and academia to meet the Army’s transformational needs; especially talking about Ground Vehicle applications, from the mechanical platform itself, to the most breakthrough in-vehicle communication systems.

SoC-e, as a specialist in communications equipment for critical applications in general, and particularly for Ground Vehicles, was present in two ways at the event.

Our CEO, Mikel Idirin, attended the event in person, where he was able to meet with multiple customers, potential customers, partners, institutions and working groups around Ground Vehicle.

We had a live demo about TSN, together with Aitech in their booth. The demo generated a lot of interest. It demonstrated the ability of our TSN technology to carry high priority traffic in a congested network without any loss. To do this, a RELY- TRAF-GEN traffic generator was used to inject traffic into a network where two cameras cast video to a screen. The traffic from one of the cameras was sent as best effort traffic, while the traffic from the other camera was sent over TSN, observing loss and latency errors in the former but not in the latter.

A very fruitful few days at GVSETS, confirming once again the importance of the convergence towards Ethernet in on-board communications (Ground, Navy, Avionics). In addition, it is truly remarkable the role that TSN is taking in the various US ARMY Programmes.

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This year’s 15th Annual Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) has put the focus…