Visit SoC-e at IoT World Congress 2015 (Barcelona, Spain) – September 2015

SoC-e presents at IoT World Congress 2015 in Barcelona the first HSR based Cyber-Physical-Production-System (CPPS).

The key challenges of CPPS are the intercommunication between heterogeneous devices and networks, compatibility with traditional automation systems and cyber-security.

SoC-e presents at this event a demo that shows how re-configurable devices in combination with networking and synchronization IP cores enable “Plug&Work” Smart CPPS.


The “bumpless” redundancy of HSR/PRP networks combined with IEEE 1588 technology are good candidates to interconnect distributed sensors, actuators or PLC networks among the CPPS area. SoC-e HSR/PRP Shields compatible with Raspberry PI or Arduino running HSR/PRP Switch, 1588Tiny or Profinet IPs are a good example of technology that benefits from the flexibility and affordability of low-cost FPGAs.

The interconnection of the CPPS to the enterprise network or to the “Cloud” needs a flexible and powerful gateway that manages multi-protocol packet switching, sensor pre-processing, data base management (OPC UA, SQL, dbCouch, Fiware, etc.) and ciber-security. New generation configurable SoCs like Zynq Extensible Platform are the key enablers of new concept of SMART Gateway equipment to address these demands.

In the presented demo, SoC-e SMARTZynq platform performs these tasks. In a Zynq device, a combination of powerful IPs (HSR/PRP Switch, Managed Ethernet Switch and Precise Time Basic) with a robust software infrastructure over Linux drives all the tasks to serve all these demands. The device runs a 1588 Master for all the CPPS nodes. It processes all the network packets doing all the protocol gateway operations, embeds a HMI and database processing servers and it is cyber-security aware.

Visit SoC-e at IoT World Congress 2015 in Barcelona (16-18 September, Xilinx booth) and see how it works.

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