Visit SoC-e at IPC & Expo 2013 (Shenzhen, China) – August 2013 –

SoC-e will be present as Exhibitor at PC & Expo 2013, 1-3 August 2013. This event is the only large-sized technical exhibition focused on the IPC and embedded fields in China. IPC & EMBEDDED EXPO will be working with leading global enterprises in 2013 to fully exhibit a variety of embedded technologies including X86, ARM, ASIC, FPGA and GPU, etc. as well as their innovative applications in various vertical industries in order to meet the increasingly diversified requirements for specialization in different industries.

We will run IEC 62439-3 HSR/PRP Reliable Ethernet demo,  using our HSR/PRP Switch IP core implemented on the new Xilinx Zynq device and in combination with our IEEE 1588 IPs.

SoC-e staff will be present during the entire Exhibition. Thus, do not hesitate to visit us and see how HSR and PRP work.

More information about IPC & Expo 2013 event is available at