Vulnerabilities in Smart Grids and how to apply countermeasures with Time Sensitive Networking

IEC 61850 substation logical distribution

Propietary infraestructures and protocols have been replaced by the IEC 61850 approach. Furthermore, the latest networking solutions merge operational technologies (OTs) and information technology (IT) traffics in the same media, such as Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standard. However, TSN lacks of security against new cyberattacks in order to protect real-time critical messages.

In this survey, carried out by researchers from the EHU University, they explain how the digitalization proccess has tranformed the communication infraestucture  within the electrical grid and how we can countermeasure the newest vulneravilities with the IEC 62351-6 and how to apply them to Time Sensitive Networking.

You can read this survey that introduces security mechanisims against potential new cyberattacks, collected in IEC 62351-6 and how to apply them to Time Sensitive Networking in the following link.




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