We’re back from the TSN/A Conference!

We’re back from the TSN/A Conference! Our colleagues David Modroño and Daniel Uribe have attended as speakers at one of the most important conferences related to TSN technology. In fact, we’ve been attending all the editions that have been held since 2017.

As a novelty this year, the TSN/A Conference has used the slogan “TSN in practice”. We’ve put aside our more theoretical side to bring down to earth all our knowhow with two really interesting presentations. And we don’t say so ourselves, the attendees have congratulated us for them 😉.

The first one was given together with Thales of United Kingdom (Iain Rankin).


This referred to a military application that has to do with the use of TSN in the context of the British Army’s ground vehicles. This is related to GVA (Ground Vehicle Architecture), which is a standard for the definition of the new generation of army vehicles that proposes the use of TSN for the vehicle network, together with DDS for data distribution.

The second one was given together with AVIO (Leonardo Favilli).


This presentation is linked to a space application, related to the use of TSN in the context of a space launcher (space rocket). This refers to a new ESA initiative, which basically aims to drive the development of a new generation of space launchers with new capabilities, using the latest available technology. For communications within the launcher systems and devices, TSN is proposed again, replacing old communication buses such as CAN or STD-MIL-1553.

In both presentations we put into context why Ethernet and TSN are a good technology for these use cases and ended up presenting the results obtained, although both developments are still at an early stage, and the idea is to continue working on it.

Perhaps next year we’ill have the opportunity to present an evolved version of this work after another year of development.


Due to the interest in the presentations, and the impossibility of viewing them offline from TSN/A, we may decide to present them as a webinar in the future, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you want to know more, you can write to info@soc-e.com