Why TSN in the Railway sector?

The Railway sector has evolved from serial Train Communication Networks to Ethernet-based solutions. But the lack of real-time traffic communication and functions isolation capabilities of traditional Ethernet has limited the adoption of standardized Ethernet based solutions.

There is where Time-Sensitive Networking takes place. Time-Sensitive Networking has been identified as the next generation Data Link layer for railway communications by the railway manufactures and operators.

In the following link can be read the whitepaper written by Dr Armando Astarloa, Professor at the University of the Basque Country and founder-partner of SoCe.

This whitepaper was also published in the May/June Issue (p. 40-41) of the Industrial Ethernet Book.

System-on-Chip engineering (SoCe) is a worldwide leading supplier of time-aware Ethernet networking solutions. SoCe is pioneer in developing a portfolio of IP cores and rugged platforms that implement these technologies for critical systems.

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